How To: Waterproofing Wood Countertops

Need advise or a how to guide with waterproofing wood countertops ? once not waterproof, are subject to rot and decay — particularly those utilized in kitchens. wood counter tiptop that don’t seem to be waterproof can be damaged by vinegar (which will deteriorate wood glue), hot objects and knives. However, the right application of a sealer fabricated from Chinese wood oil and organic compound will stop decay and keep wood counter tops looking new for many years. merely rubbing oil on a wood counter top can create it water-resistant, and not would not be fully waterproof.

Wood countertops are each stunning and purposeful, neither of that has got to be mutually exclusive either. they are hotter to the bit than stone and quartz and provide a richer look than solid surface or laminate. Wood countertops truly provide a large range of decisions as a result of you have the choice of selecting the species of wood, the colour and stain and therefore the grain orientation. you’ll even prefer to use rescued wood to bring some eco-concious decisions into your kitchen style. Wood counters are not for everyone but and to grasp whether or not they are right for you needs that you} think about just however you plan on using them.

waterproofing wood countertops final image result

waterproofing wood countertops final image result

Waterproofing wood countertops Instructions

STEP – 1.Affix a dust mask over your nose and mouth. Sand the kitchen counter-top using 100- to-150-grit sandpaper. Check for smoothness sometimes and make sure you are sanding equally.

STEP – 2.Vacuum against the grain of the wood to get rid of dust when sanding. A vacuum attachment with a brush is very effective for wood dust.

STEP – 3 .Wear rubber gloves. Dip a lint-free artifact in paint dilutant and wring it out. Drag the lint-free artifact over the whole tabletop to get rid of any leftover dust. Rinse the material periodically if it’s discovering massive amounts of dust. when every rinse, dip the material in paint dilutant and wring it out. when the ultimate swipe across the tabletop, rinse the cloth and hang it to dry. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes before continued the project to confirm all the paint dilutant has dried on the counter top.

STEP – 4.Apply one even coat of sealer. Dip a natural-bristled brush during a will of sealer and drag it over the tabletop, beginning at one finish and dealing your way toward the opposite. Use a back-and-forth, sweeping stroke when every dip. when covering the whole counter high with sealer, take away your mask and allow the tabletop to dry for twenty-four hours. once twenty four hours has advance, apply a second coat using identical technique. enable the second coat to dry for twenty-four hours. Continue this method till you have got reached the quantity of coats applicable for the sort of wood you have got. Most hardwoods need 3 coats, and most soft woods need four.

STEP – 5.Don a protecting mask, making certain it covers your mouth and nose. Apply one coat of end to the sealed tabletop exploitation sweeping, back-and-forth strokes. Once the end is applied equally, take away your mask and permit the counter high to dry for twenty-four hours. If a thicker end is desired, still apply each twenty four hours until you have got reached the required thickness. twenty four hours is that the minimum acceptable drying time between coats.

Tips & Warnings:Waterproofing wood countertops

brown waterproofing wood idea countertop drainboard

brown waterproofing wood idea countertop drainboard

Waterproofing wood countertops though finishes seem dry at intervals twenty four hours of application, it usually takes 2 to a few months for a end to line fully. Avoid putting serious objects on the tabletop throughout this period, as a result of doing thus will cause permanent dents. Hot items, like pots and pans, ought to even be kept off the tabletop.

waterlox treatment for waterproofing wood countertops

waterlox treatment for waterproofing wood countertops

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